Roatan Diving – Macro Life

Hi guys welcome to Top Sites Roatan.

I am Eri from Roatan Divers and today I will be introducing you to the amazing macro critters that Roatan has to offer.

While Roatan may be famous for its amazing walls and abundance of sea life. We also have a large variety of macro life.

Some of our favorites macro sites are Willy’s Wonder, Butcher’s Banks and Light House Reef.

If you going macro hunting it’s important to have good buoyancy so you don’t disturb the critters on the sand.

Alright, guys let’s go diving!

A lot of people only focus on the big things when they dive but if you take the time to look you will find all sorts of interesting sea life in the sand. Check out this little pipefish, little coral heads in the sand are the perfect place to search for macro critters.

Although they don’t count as macro, peacock flounder blend so well into their environment that it is hard to spot them unless they move.

Take a look through the manatee grass to see if the can find the elusive pipe horse.

Macro life is hiding all around the reef too.

Although they are a rare site sometimes we get lucky and find seahorses hiding in black coral.

Keep an eye out for net crabs as well.

And mid to late summers see if you can find juvenal trunkfish also known as peas.

I hope you enjoy our macro exploration today, once again I am Eri from Roatan Divers and I will see you next time on Top Sites Roatan.

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