Advertising on the Roatan Travel Network offers a number of benefits to businesses by incorporating sound, images and movement to make the whole package interesting for consumers. We put your product or service in front of potential clients who are planning their trip to Roatan.

Why advertise on the Roatan Travel Network?

– Consumers have voted film the most persuasive and most exciting form of advertising. Consumers say film is where they are the most likely to learn about products they want to buy or experience.

– Film is just more fun – film moves, film has music. It’s full color and as BIG as your customer’s television screen, up-close and personal.

– Film is the easy going, non-invasive, yet targeted advertising medium!

– Film says you have arrived – Advertising on film tells your customers that “you’ve arrived”…your business is substantial and stable. It says you are proud of your business and want the world to know about it.

– In the customer’s mind, film advertising creates awareness of your product, service, company, and most importantly, your BRAND. In this world of constant media messages, it has never been more important to separate your company from the rest of the pack, and film advertising makes the most vivid impression.

– Film Ads can Emotionally Motivate the Consumers.

– You can Take Your Audience Anywhere.


What People Say About RTN!

*I love it because I am here on vacation, and I wanted to know what I could do so I turned on the TV, and boom there was my answer. It’s very educational for the guest much better than the magazine that usually is there. — Island Visitor

*It’s been wonderful we’ve had a lot of people come into the clinic because they saw the commercial on RTN. — GARM Clinic

*We felt the difference immediately we’ve had people coming from hotels they open the door looked at me and said they were coming to say hello, come on over and say hello. — Roatan Chocolate Factory