Roatan Diving – El Aguila Wreck Dive

Hi guys welcome to Top Sites Roatan.

I am Eri from Roatan Divers and today we will be taking you to the Aguila Wreck.

The Aguila Wreck is located outside of Sandy Bay on the northwest coast of Roatan, it was sunk as an artificial reef in 1997 and broke into three parts in 1998 when Hurricane Mitch hit, that’s the wreck that we see today.

This wreck is perfect for wreck novices and advanced divers a like because it generally has good visibility and is located next to the reef which means lots of sea life.

Alright guys lets go diving!

While El Aguila is a dive attraction in itself part of its appeal comes from the wildlife that lives on and around the wreck.

Don’t forget to check out the sand next to the wreck where you can see fields of garden eels feeding in the current and blue tangs and goat fish sifting through the sand for their next meal.
The Aguila is also famous for the giant black groupers that have made this area their home. The groupers are definitely not shy.

The top of the Aguila’s bow is at 80 feet making it the perfect midway point to your dive.

The Aguila is also home to big green morays.

The Aguila’s mast is also home to a variety of macro critters like yellow line aero crabs, fire worms, cleaner shrimp and christmas tree worms.

After spending some time on the wreck it’s time to head to the reef.

Guess who followed us over here!

It looks like it’s not just the Moray Eel that followed us to the reef.

The reef next to the Aguila is beautiful, teeming with soft coral and impressive schools of fish.

The reef comes up very shallow so you can see amazing things even on your safety stop, what a way to end a dive.

I hope you guys enjoyed the wreck. I’m Eri from Roatan Divers and we’ll see you next time on Top Sites Roatan.

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