Unique Opportunity

The Roatan Travel Network (RTN) is a visitor information channel showcasing Roatan. RTN is unique and one of the only visitor information channels in Central America. No other advertising medium reaches the audience we do as effectively as we do. We have a targeted audience who are engaged, receptive, relaxed, open-minded and seeking new experiences.

Target Market

Roatan airport statistics show Roatan receives 150,000+ visitors annually. 52% are from the USA, 25% from Honduras and 7% from Canada (2015).

80% of Roatan visitors book independently (via web) and Roatan visitors are from a high-income demographic, looking for new, unique experiences with a high quality of service.

Roatan TV

RTN is seen in 95% of local hotel rooms and 75% of residential homes. You will see RTN in the arrivals area at the Roatan International Airport and throughout Roatan in stores, hotels and restaurants.

Our Reach

RTN reaches hundreds of thousands of people annually who are researching Roatan. We reach the key markets of the USA and Canada and elevate the destination and visitor experience to on-island visitors. We present Roatan with the highest quality programming, in a format that allows viewers to receive the maximum amount of information in a short time frame.

About Us

We have 18+ years promoting tourism in Roatan and have developed successful online, web, print and TV projects. RTN is a trusted information service and an essential resource to potential and on-island visitors. We are a valued partner and service provider to the Roatan tourism industry.

Become Part of RTN

Want to learn more about RTN and how we can promote your business? Please contact us to set up a meeting at your convenience.


What People Say About RTN!

*I love it because I am here on vacation, and I wanted to know what I could do so I turned on the TV, and boom there was my answer. It’s very educational for the guest much better than the magazine that usually is there. — Island Visitor

*It’s been wonderful we’ve had a lot of people come into the clinic because they saw the commercial on RTN. — GARM Clinic

*We felt the difference immediately we’ve had people coming from hotels they open the door looked at me and said they were coming to say hello, come on over and say hello. — Roatan Chocolate Factory