Maya Key, Roatan

Discover one of Roatan’s leading attractions Maya Key. This private island retreat offers a tropical environment to enjoy the beach, snorkel, interact with the wildlife in the rescue center or explore the Mayan ruins and displays. Learn more about Mayan Key below:


The quintessential Caribbean getaway that offers everything you would expect from a tropical destination and much more! This peaceful private key conveniently located just three minutes across the bay from the Roatan cruise pier and is the perfect location for cruisers to maximize their short time in Roatan. White sand beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters can be enjoyed within minutes of arriving in Roatan.

Maya Key escape to paradise with a Mayan twist.

Guest Comment: The first word that comes to mind is incredible. It’s got everything a beach and animals all on a little island.

Maya Key is a private land retreat which captures the spirit of ancient Mayan Culture.

Guest Comment: We want to see the ruins.

Bringing guests close to nature.

Guest Comment: Its absolute paradise.

On the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Guest Comment: I knew there were be white sand would be really exotic and it’s beautiful.

At the heart of Maya Key is an interactive wildlife rescue center.

Guest Comment: Ok guys, I will let you know, all the animal that are here at Mayan Key they were all rescue animals.

Exotic animals from both land and sea.

Guest Comment: When we saw that they had a refuge. Literally that was the reason that we booked the cruise ship dock.

It’s amazing, I love monkeys.

Top three best moments of my life.

I think we need more monkey time.

More monkey time.

Come enjoy Maya Key’s jungle swimming pool, two private beaches, coral reef, and snorkel garden.

Guest Comment: It was awesome. We have never snorkeled before but it was amazing. Unbelievable. It was like going to an aquarium but being in the aquarium. It was awesome.

Maya Key!

Guest Comment: You never know what you read is what you get, but this particular one actually exceeded our expectations.

Guest Comment: Oh right guys lunch is ready come get it while it’s hot. The food is great, it so good.

Guest Comment: It was an unbelievable experience something that we have been looking forward to for a year.

Visit us now. You will be glad that you did.

To learn more about Maya Key watch the video by clicking here

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