We would like to wish everyone all the best for 2018.

Last year was a very productive year for the Roatan Travel Network and we are currently preparing for our first programming update for 2018.

RTN has been growing from strength to strength, we have a strong local presence on channel 117 in Roatan and our online channel is receiving thousands of views per day across websites, social media and youtube, the great part about the online channel is 85% of the views are in the USA / Canada. This is proving to very successful for businesses selling accommodation, real estate and for promotion of tourism and investment in Roatan.

To find out more about how advertising on the Roatan Travel Network can help your business, check out the below video:

You can also view the full Roatan Travel Network programming at:

We are currently scheduling our next round of filming to update the Roatan Travel Network, our sales deadline for this update is 15th Feb 2018.

We have had some great reports from clients on the success of our restaurant and real estate ads, and at $100 per month it offers a great return on investment. Our standard 1 minute ads start at $200 per month.

You can check out some of our new advertisers below:

If you would like to become part of the Roatan Travel Network, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dean Milverton