The Abundant Life Foundation

It was a pleasure to learn about this amazing organization and all the work they do while we created this new promotional video for them. From education, quality of life and housing projects The Abundant Life Foundation truly does some incredible work here in Roatan. Learn more below:


The Abundant Life Foundation is an organization fueled by passion and a genuine love for the locals, our work is focused across three primary initiatives, education, community, and conservation.

The Abundant Life Foundation began from the passion of founders David and Brenda Dachner, recognizing the growing population and growing needs of the Bay Islands. With a community-focused approach, we identify ways to make the most impact on the island, creating opportunities for the people of Roatan to live more vibrant, abundant lives.

Communities are the heart of the island. Our signature project, Los Sueños, is the island’s first master-planned community, offering affordable homeownership to hardworking island residents. As the community grows, Los Sueños will include shared spaces such as a park, library, and cultural center for people from across the island to enjoy the amenities. All our community programs build upon skills of community members and focus on bringing more opportunity to local residents to foster growth and well-being on the island.

There’s so much opportunity to add value to the island’s educational system. Our programs support school infrastructure and provide supplies, books, and enrichment programs to learners. We aim to empower eager students and raise up future leaders.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef surrounding Roatan is the 2nd largest reef system in the world and the top revenue source for the island. Through strategic partnerships, we educate locals and visitors to protect this vibrant natural resource and host reef clean up events throughout the year.

The Abundant Life Foundation desires to help Roatan and its people live life to the fullest. Together we can build vibrant futures in the Bay Islands. Won’t you join us?

To learn more about The Abundant Life Foundation watch the video by clicking here

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