South Shore Zipline Adventures

A popular activity in Roatan for people of all ages, a canopy zipline tour is a must-do for all visitors to Roatan. Zip through the rainforest canopy and enjoy amazing ocean views as you descend the hillsides of the island. South Shore Zipline Adventures is conveniently located between West End and West Bay Beach and offers all the features to create an amazing and memorable experience. Learn more below:


Zipline Canopy is a fantastic and exciting activity to have fun. Experience the thrill of Zipping through the rainforest, we ensure that you have the most enjoyable time possible, our team has put in the effort to make it possible for you.

Imagine yourself flying through a tropical forest, with a bird’s eye view of the ground below.

South Shore Zipline Adventures offers you the opportunity to do that, and more. It’s the perfect mix of excitement and tranquillity.

Our zipline tour consists of 11 steel cables, strung at various heights through the islands tropical rainforest.

No experience is necessary and after a quick training session, off you go.

If you seek more speed try the Zuperman Zip which provides a superman ride of a lifetime.

The special harness lets you fly through the air just like a bird in complete safety. It’s both thrilling and exhilarating!

If you prefer to enjoy the magic of Roatan from the ground, the eco-walkway offers nature trails like no other.

Our 8 suspension bridges are the longest and strongest in the Western Caribbean.

Our tours feature English speaking guides, and all our gear is safety certified to North American standards.

South Shore Zipline Adventures, is fun for eco explorers of all ages.

Book your visit now at, and add miles of smiles to your vacation.

To learn more about South Shore Zipline Adventures watch the video by clicking here

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