Roatan Travel Network Update Complete!

After an amazing start to the year, we are happy to announce our RTN programming has recently been updated and we would like to thank our new advertisers.

Richardson Serenity Villa:
The Real Kings Restaurant and Bar:
West Bay Golf Course and Villas:

We have also updated our Roatan Real Estate Guides:

A big part of our concept at RTN is to promote and present community groups, events, and non-profits which are working hard to improve tourism and community activities on the island.

It was a pleasure to recently work with the Roatan Marine Park in developing a new promotional video for the organization. The video can be viewed below and is also being featured on RTN:

Roatan Marine Park

Also, keep an eye out for our video on the Abundant Life Foundation and all the work they do in the community and an exciting new partnership with Wild Roatan.

We will be taking a few weeks break from filming but will be back filming in early July for our next programming update, remember RTN is a lot more than just local TV it also includes:

• Roku Channel (10% of homes in the USA)
• Social Media Marketing
YouTube Channel
• Mobile App
• Online Promotion

To find out more about the different marketing channels and advertising on the Roatan Travel Network check out the below:
Roatan Travel Network Sales Kit

If you would like to become part of the Roatan Travel Network, do not hesitate to contact us, and remember advertising starts for as little as $100 per month.

To finish things off a quick thank you to the University College of the Cayman Islands who came by our office last week for a presentation on the Roatan Travel Network and Roatan Film, the success of these projects and the inspiration behind them.


Roatan Travel Network


What People Say About RTN!

*I love it because I am here on vacation, and I wanted to know what I could do so I turned on the TV, and boom there was my answer. It’s very educational for the guest much better than the magazine that usually is there. — Island Visitor

*It’s been wonderful we’ve had a lot of people come into the clinic because they saw the commercial on RTN. — GARM Clinic

*We felt the difference immediately we’ve had people coming from hotels they open the door looked at me and said they were coming to say hello, come on over and say hello. — Roatan Chocolate Factory