Roatan Travel Network News Mar 2016

We are looking forward to a busy next few weeks with programming production and Roatan being busy for Semana Santa.

We have just finished printing more Roatan Travel Network room cards, if you would like some to place in your hotel or rental rooms please let us know. The room cards are business card size and inform guests of RTN on channel 117 and our online channel.

We currently have a variety of new programming under production, including our Roatan Restaurants and Real Estate Guides. Thanks to all the local businesses who have supported these guides by getting involved. There are still a few positions left so if you would like to be involved let us know asap.

Roatan Restaurants Guide, 30 second ad – $100 per month

Roatan Real Estate Guide, 30 second listing ad – $750 for 12 months

Every month our online distribution network keeps growing and growing, through youtube, vimeo, Facebook, paid online advertising and our website –, we aggressively market our programming and advertisers to people before they arrive in Roatan. Every day thousands of people are viewing our programming and using it to help create their Roatan vacation. This is one of the many benefits of advertising with the Roatan Travel Network, not only are you promoted on local TV, but we market your business to visitors before they arrive in Roatan.

For more information on advertising options with the Roatan Travel Network do not hesitate to contact us at:


Roatan Travel Network Team

What People Say About RTN!

*I love it because I am here on vacation, and I wanted to know what I could do so I turned on the TV, and boom there was my answer. It’s very educational for the guest much better than the magazine that usually is there. — Island Visitor

*It’s been wonderful we’ve had a lot of people come into the clinic because they saw the commercial on RTN. — GARM Clinic

*We felt the difference immediately we’ve had people coming from hotels they open the door looked at me and said they were coming to say hello, come on over and say hello. — Roatan Chocolate Factory