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As the most experienced Real Estate company in Roatan, Roatan Life Real Estate’s team offers a professional touch to buying Real Estate in Roatan. The experienced team will be there to help you find that perfect property and will assist you through the purchase process, and will even be there after the closing to assist you in any further questions. Come discover why Roatan Life is the most recommended Real Estate Company in Roatan. Learn more below:


There are lots of reasons to buy property on Roatan, but if you ask the people who have done it they’ll tell you the best reason is the islands unspoiled tropical lifestyle.

Steve: There’s diving, snorkeling, sailing.

Here you’ll discover pristine white sand beaches there’s golf, boating, jungle adventures, animal parks, amazing places to eat and just about every kind of water activity under the sun.

If this is the kind of lifestyle you’ve been searching for, then you need to contact Steve Hasz at Roatan Life Real Estate.

Steve: Roatan is a great place to live for a lot of different reasons I’ve been here for most of the last 25 years, but I think the real reason Roatan is so great is because of the people who live here.

Roatan Life was founded on the principles of enthusiasm, integrity, hard work, market knowledge and a commitment to provide the most professional real estate services on the island.

Steve: We’ve been on the island for decades and we’re glad to be there for you, the relationship doesn’t stop when the sale ends.

Roatan Life listings include an assortment of properties that can form to any budget and while Roatan remains relatively undiscovered, things are growing. We now have incredible supermarkets, state of the art, medical facilities, and real estate on the island is booming because prices remain relatively low.

Steve: Roatan is the least expensive Caribbean island it’s still a buyer’s market, even though our inventories are dropping and we’ve seen quite a surge in sales.

Stop fantasizing about living on a tropical island and do it, take the first step now towards making your dreams a reality and reach out to Steve Hasz at Roatan Life Real Estate.

Steve: My name is Steve Hasz and I look forward to hearing from you.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to have the wonders of Roatan in your backyard.

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