We would like to introduce you to Contour Lines who are going to be running a pilot project with Support Roatan in Roatan. Contour Line’s mission is to transition communities to regenerative land uses by providing working grants to small landholders and farmers.

How does this work?

Contour Lines offers technical support, funding for trees, farm site design, training, and tools. Landowners must demonstrate a serious interest in applying regenerative systems to their land. Each land owner is required to sign an agreement to ensure they work within regenerative methods which include planting legumes, mulching, and not using chemicals. Only those who comply with the agreements will be eligible for incremental support each season.

How do I apply?

Landowners must have at least 1/4 acre of land for planting and be willing to attend introductory, site planning, and planting days. You must have an interest in small-scale regenerative farming and be willing to commit to the methods. Once you have submitted your expression of interest we will be in contact if or when we receive enough support to proceed with the pilot project.

SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/Ke6SQd8JZSMov8mAA