Roatan, Honduras – Adventures in Roatan Part 1

Join us as we explore Roatan Honduras, a Western Caribbean tropical island just off the coast of Honduras. Your adventure begins with us now.

Honduras is the second largest country in Central America and the Bay Islands are Honduras number one tourist attraction. Referred to as the hidden jewels of the Caribbean the Bay Islands consists of three major islands, Roatan, Guanaja and Utila.

For many years these islands have been considered one of the Caribbean finest diving destinations, more recently visitors have been attracted to the Bay Islands tropical environment, sandy beaches, friendly local people and its unique Caribbean culture.

For the next 10 days I am going to explore Roatan and after that I will visit the mainland of Honduras.

At 32 miles long and 1 to 3 miles wide Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands.

My travels will begin on Roatan’s western end at the distinctive West Bay Beach. Following that I will slowly head East to explore secluded beach fronts and the islands history and culture, during my travels I will speak with locals and expats, divers and business owners in an effort to get a true taste of Roatan

Day 1

When visiting Roatan you will either fly into the Roatan International Airport or you will come by ferry from La Ceiba, flights from Europe can connect in the USA with various airlines that fly directly into Roatan, also three airline service the Bay Island chain from major Honduran cities.

As you can tell I’ve collected my luggage and I’m ready to go.

Hi my name is Ila and this is my very first time in Roatan Honduras, I am very excited to share this experience with you, so let’s go.

West Bay Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean the beaches powdery white sand, palm and coconut trees as well as pristine turquoise blue waters, I’m going to be staying at Las Rocas Resort on West Bay Beach.

Day 2

What is so unique about West Bay Beach, is the marine reserve, the reef is sometimes as close as 30 feet from shoreline, I’ve picked up some snorkeling gear because that’s one of the easiest ways to explore the marine park.

Roatan’s coral reef is part of the second largest reef system in the world supporting the majority of the coral and fish species found in the Caribbean, if you interested in seeing the Caribbean’s rich marine life, this is the place to come. The water here is quite shallow making it easy for people to learn how to snorkel, this also makes it easy for people to harm the reef. One must remember this is a Marine Park and touching the reef damages the fragile ecosystem.

Day 3

There are many ways to get around Roatan and one of them is by taxi, whether it is on land or water. Water taxis run from West Bay Beach to the West End and I’m told it’s as simple as just walking to the end of the dock and wave to a passing boat and if it’s a taxi it will come and pick me up.

Be sure to check the price before getting into any taxi it’s better to know beforehand than to be surprised later.

This is West End generally known as a must see, it is one of the most popular stops along the Central American backpackers trail.
Along the beachfront road you will find a stretch of hotels, dive shops, restaurants, bars and gift shops, during the day people relax on the beach, scuba dive and live the Caribbean lifestyle to its fullest. As night falls the restaurants and bars fill up with locals and international travelers as they socialize over food and drink.

Day 4

Today is going to be a full day, Roatan’s reef is obviously phenomenal so I have decided it’s time to take a closer look.

Here’s the day plan:

Some study of diving and dive safety and then if I pass the test I can go diving with my instructor this afternoon.

What an amazing day learning to dive, they say you never forget your first dive and I’m sure it’s true.

To learn more about Adventures in Roatan Part 1 watch the video by clicking here

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