The Roatan Marine Park

It is always a pleasure to work with local NGO projects and to assist in creating videos which give the NGOs extra exposure while showcasing all the hard work they do in Roatan. We recently completed a new organization video for the Roatan Marine Park, learn more below:


The Roatan Marine Park is dedicated to the conservation of Roatan’s protected marine and coastal area, Roatan Marine Park provides protection for ocean life and works to inspire, educate, and empower communities and visitors to conserve and protect marine environments for the benefit of all. Promoting conservation, education, and research on Roatan.

The Roatan Marine Park is a non-profit organization registered in Honduras and the USA. We are a small organization making a big impact.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower communities and visitors alike to conserve and protect the marine environment for the benefit of all.

We are Co-Managers of the Bay Islands National Marine Park which includes Guanaja, Roatan and Utila.

Roatan is situated on the Mesoamerican Reef, the largest reef system in the Americas, which protects the coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico.

Our aim is to save the reef by taking the pressure off this natural resource. Our strategic programs aim to reduce the challenges our island community face.


We know that the best way to protect for the future is through education. Our extensive hands-on education program works in local schools and with local businesses. Our aim is to raise awareness and you can help. While you are here, please be a responsible visitor.

The reef is a living organism. Many people don’t realize it’s alive and it’s not a rock. Don’t step or touch the coral, it causes the coral stress and may result in its death.

Please don’t remove anything from the water, removing marine life from the water is the equivalent of a human drowning.

Never buy souvenirs made from marine life or consume endangered species. Please use organic repellent and sunscreen, check the ingredients in repellent and oxybenzone found in sunscreen which are detrimental to the reef.

Reduce your plastic and styrofoam consumption, single-use plastics can take thousands of years to decompose. One minute in your hand is one million on the reef. Marine life mistakes it for food and though this is a global issue it is even more challenging for an island community. Reuse your shopping bags, you can shop for alternatives to plastic at our local Eco Store and support the businesses that have gone plastic-free. Recycle, please use the recycle bins provided and never litter.


The Roatan Marine Park works with local communities to provide alternative livelihoods, such as Corozal Honey project, where honey products provide a sustainable source of income. Come shop at our Eco store to support this project and others; all profits go directly back into our conservation efforts. We are lucky to receive funding to run sustainable projects such as our Garifuna Cultural and tourism Centre SATUYE., where Garifuna culture and music will be celebrated. Our Protect Our Pride program helps train local community members up to dive instructors so that they can find work in the tourism industry while raising awareness about the marine environment and its importance to locals and visitors alike.

Our turtle protection program helps protect turtle nesting sites, to ensure the safe entrance and exit of turtles from the beach. If you see a turtle nest or hatchlings get in touch with us immediately.

Our Patrol Program facilitates the enforcement of Honduran Environmental laws. Our Park Rangers work alongside the Honduran Navy monitoring 80km of coastal areas both day and night. We protect endangered species that are essential to the health of the reef and coastal communities. Our efforts are delivering clear results and our effective management has received global acclaim however with growing tourism, unsustainable development and an increase in population, we still need help to do more to protect our marine resources.

Net fishing, commercial fishing, fish and lobster traps, spear guns and slings are all illegal and if you see these activities please report them directly to us. You can even download our app RMP -I-Patrol available for Android and iPhones from Google Play and iTunes stores. RMP i Patrol provides more information about the rules and regulations within the Marine Protected Area and you can help us by being our eyes and ears.

The only spearfishing permitted in the marine protected areas is Lionfish hunting. Lionfish is non-native here in the Caribbean. You can become certified RMP Lionfish Hunter. By certifying divers to hunt lionfish we have dramatically reduced the population of the invasive Lionfish population. A delicious fish not to be missed, eat seafood responsibly support the local restaurants that have lionfish on the menu, check out our responsible seafood guide and other resources on our website.

Anchoring on a coral reef is illegal in Honduras and our extensive mooring program provides a safe and secure alternative for boat captains and the reef. We install all the dive sites around Roatan and you can even name your own. A perfect gift for a loved one and a way to financially support our conservation work.


There are lots of ways you can support the Roatan Marine Park, you can donate money in person or online. In return for a $10 donation, you will receive a Marine Park bracelet or token from the Roatan Marine Park Store or local dive shops and businesses. Roatan Marine Park International Inc. is a 501c3 registered not for profit NGO. All donations made through this account are fully tax-deductible. For $4 a month you can become an individual sponsor, check out our website for information about how to become a sponsor.

To find out more about the Roatan Marine Park and how you can support us visit our website at

To learn more about The Roatan Marine Park watch the video by clicking here