Lawson’s Market and Delicatessen, Roatan

A great spot to stop for breakfast, lunch or to pick up some groceries for your vacation in Roatan, conveniently located in Sandy Bay be sure to check out the Lawson’s Market and Deli at Lawson Rock. Learn more below:


Lawson’s Market and Delicatessen offers outdoor and indoor seating, A/C, free WI-FI plus a convenient market for takeout, food and drinks.

Our Deli menu includes local and American breakfast for lunch enjoy homemade soups and sandwich specials or our hot plate of the day. Our Market offers a wide variety of items from bread, eggs, milk to snacks, beer and wine, specialty items include Honduran and cheese and coffee.

We also offer pool and beach delivery service in Lawson Rock, and a “take out dinner menu” service, party platters and appetizers, perfect for dinner, parties and events.

Lawson’s Market and Delicatessen, home of great food and great service.

To learn more about Lawson’s Market and Delicatessen, Roatan watch the video by clicking here

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