Beach Club San Simon, West Bay Beach, Sunday Brunch

West Bay Beach has been rated as the best beach in Central America, its turquoise waters, white sand, off-shore reef, and tropical atmosphere are just amazing. One of the best ways to enjoy West Bay Beach is by visiting the Beach Club San Simon, enjoy the Sunday Brunch and then retire to the beachfront chairs and enjoy the sun, sand and cooling Caribbean waters. Learn more below:


Great, relaxing, San Simon Beach, is perfect for those who like to relax by the sea with many activities and a tropical atmosphere.

Sundays were made to have fun, and the best way to start the day is with brunch at The Beach Club San Simon. Located in West Bay Beach our beachfront location allows you to enjoy turquoise waters, ocean views, and great company. Brunch starts at 10 am with bottomless mimosas, bloody mary’s, assorted pastries salty & sweet, an appetizer and a main course. Come join us at The Beach Club San Simon and enjoy a beautiful Sunday.

To learn more about Beach Club San Simon, watch the video by clicking here